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The Loneliness of the CTO.

Gaston Maron

Speaking about loneliness is speaking to oneself. Sometimes, a real waterfall of internal victories; some others, a flood of external requests that overwhelm integrity. Although the character is merely to share knowledge with the community, considering that each one is part of a whole, the main topic to be addressed in this article is the loneliness of the CTO.

Oct. 20, 2020

The Data Leader Do’s and Don’ts During a Crisis.

Ido Biger

The Covid-19 pandemic took us all by surprise, causing many to be frustrated, unemployed, on unpaid leave and forced to work remotely in a situation where every task has always been carried out traditionally. The pandemic has disrupted the economy of virtually all the countries affected...

Oct. 20, 2020

Impostor Syndrome in Cyber Security.

Eli Migdal

I created a survey on Linkedin surrounding Impostor Syndrome in Cyber Security, and it looks like a lot of us “suffer” from it, particularly when it comes to the cyber management level.

Oct. 20, 2020


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